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Our Vintage

“There’s a vintage which comes with age and experience.” – Jon Bon Jovi

Our vintage represents something from the past of quality experience. AD Interact International Sdn Bhd began as an advertising agency. It currently plays the role as a consultant and concession owner to a few state-owned companies and government-linked companies (GLC), such as Perbadanan Kemajuan Bukit Fraser (PKBF), Sarawak Media Group (SMG), and Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB). Our company offers a variety of services including the development of communication strategies from the planning stage right up to consultation and execution.

Our tagline “AD Interact, Always En Communications” gained through the inspiration of our journey shows how important communication is for unity and individual development. In our company, we believe that “Always En Communications” will produce better productivity and understanding among staff and clients. We use ‘en’ as translated from French to show how diverse our imagination is towards the progression in the advertising and communication industry.

AD Interact International Sdn Bhd was the brainchild of Mas Azianna and Hilmy Othman. Ever since 2004, Mas Azianna gained experience by managing a few other partner agencies. Hilmy Othman on the other hand, has an expertise in business development. He grew and diversified the business further while minimizing his competitors through his astute ability. Furthermore, he has more connection with clients and secured a contract with Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNB) for their Franchise Scheme Programme in 2006. He also has the capability of sensing the subtlety of the market and seeing all challenges as opportunities.

Our clients are our utmost priority as we offer well-priced services while giving our clients significant benefits and smart investments. Through careful research planning and brilliant procurement, we provide our clients with our best interest. AD Interact International Sdn Bhd is located strategically in the suburb of Selangor. We work inseparably with our clients in promoting advertising and promotion campaigns all over the country and worldwide to achieve a successful and well-executed campaign. We execute A7P campaigns nationwide and worldwide. Our services are supported emphatically with careful research, modern equipment, precise planning, brilliant procurement, as well as a strong network of expert contacts.


We provide the best advertising and communication services to ensure client satisfaction. As one of the pioneers of LED billboard concession owners, we offer incredible advertising packages and medium. This compels us to transform the media business to technology transformation from the setting of conventional billboard to LED billboard. The LED billboard is one of the latest mediums that has become an inexorably obvious component on roads: by making them pertinent and making genuine connections with clients, broadcasting promotions in LED screen carries a great deal of advantages to any organization or business.



Hilmy Othman

“Humans need air to survive. Business needs marketing to survive."

The magician is the managing director of this company. He is a workaholic that is descended from the Japanese culture. He is strict with time and values etiquette, respect, and manners. Hilmy has excellent communication skills that will persuade individuals without any problem. He is passionate about reading general information and creating pioneers. Hilmy acquired a Master's Degree in Tourism. He said it is an accomplishment for him to give individuals an opportunity to learn while working in his organization. His knowledge and skills in public relations gained him numerous friends. He believes that it is through friends that opportunity lies. The bond of friendship is always in his vocabulary and by strengthening this bond; he makes marketing challenges a bit easier to deal with.

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Mas Azianna Abd Razak

“Live life to the fullest.”

As the executive director of this company, she always tries to improve herself. She takes calculated risks and believes that it is super crucial to create leaders. She works hard to overcome challenges in life because she’s the pillar of her family and business. She is passionate about problem-solving and appreciates seeing beautiful things such as the natural surroundings and art deco. After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Tourism Management, she prepared herself by augmenting her managerial competencies, analytical, organizational skills and the ability to anticipate, decide and solve matters related to her professional fields. She describes herself as an easy-going person who loves being adventurous. In her work, she is consistently energetic in applying the best in all that she does and appreciates every moment of it.


Muhamad Amir Syahir

“Failure builds character, while there’s life, there is hope.”

The protagonist of this company is known for his strong ideas and values. He is the Project Executive Officer that frequently has strong perspectives to accomplish his goals. Other than that, he is likewise tolerant towards other people's opinions even when it negates his own. He is enthusiastic about creating, problem-solving and wants to do well in the community. Amir graduated with a Master of Science in Architecture and has over 4 years of diversified experience in the architectural profession with International Level Achievement. He is currently doing Science Integrated Construction Project Management because he wants to develop and create his architecture philosophy towards the ideology of hybrid and artistic vision with a critical analysis for problem solving.


Muhammad Farizzulnaim

“The higher you climb, the better the view.”

Farizzulnaim wants to be known as El Padre after being inspired by a movie. El Padre means “the father” in Spanish. He’s an easy-going and friendly Project Management Officer who likes to learn something new while being committed to his work. He also likes to look on the bright side of things regardless of the outcome. Farizzulnaim majored in mechanical engineering, but he wanted to expand his work field by working in automotive, network security, advertising and management. He obtained CAT B1.1 Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineering from Malaysian Aviation Training Academy (MATA). He pursued his career as a Field Service Engineer and became a Project Engineer at Alexander Dennis (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. He then worked at Afiintra Technologies Sdn Bhd as a Project Executive (Project Manager) before developing his career at AD Interact International Sdn. Bhd. as a Project Management Officer.


AD Interact International work inseparably with clients in promoting advertising and promotion campaigns all over the country and worldwide to achieve a successful and well-executed campaign. Our services are supported emphatically with careful research, modern equipment, precise planning, brilliant procurement, as well as a strong network of expert contacts.


We operate closely together with our clients in promoting advertising and promotion campaigns all over the country and also across the region in order to ensure an effective and well-executed campaign be carried out. Our services are also backed strongly with thorough research, up-to-date equipment and systems.

We specialize in:

  • Media
  • Printing
  • Branding
  • PR Exercise
  • Events
  • Outdoor
  • Production
  • Below the line