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About Us


Established in 2005 by the founder Hilmy Othman, AD Interact International Sdn Bhd is an extraordinary media and production company. We are a media services group wholly owned by the Bumiputera, standing proud among the big boys of the advertising. Our company offers a variety of services, from the planning stage to the execution stage. We can execute A7P campaigns nationwide and worldwide. Our services are backed strongly with careful research, up-to-date equipment, precise planning, smart buying, as well as a strong network of expert contacts. We are ready to make your dreams come true and our team will make it real with AD Interact.

Our office is located strategically at Dataran Mentari, Bandar Sunway. We operate hand in hand with our clients in promoting advertising and promotion campaigns all over the country and worldwide to ensure an effective and well-executed campaign. We have various experts networking in the media buying businesses such as managing, marketing media, and also multicultural media. For more information, please log on to our website at

“We have a network of contacts from various experts in the media buying business such as managing, marketing media and also multicultural media.“

Join us now ! we are ready to make your dreams come true and our team will make it real with AD Interact.


We seek the secret of what influences the consumers' behaviour, as research on what they need is not the only way of knowing how they spend time and money but also to the question on how they portray themselves. The consumers have answers that we seek and only through them, will we be able to delve into their world.

Meanwhile, we were to understand them fully and absolutely we will create new methods to interact with them however when there is no solution for them we will step in to overcome it. Moreover, we have developed a unique media property and will take the opportunity to create a suitable environment for it. Thus, we dare to pave the way as pioneers and to promise the clients and ourselves to convey the right message across to our targets accurately.

Numbers are our benchmark. Will we succeed? Is the brand well on its way? Bigger market share? More power? We let numbers speak the volume of our achievements. Have faith with us! to be a part of your successful journey with AD Interact because your dreams matter us.



Hilmy Othman

Chief Executive Officer

With a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration majoring in Finance from University Putra Malaysia, Hilmy started his career in KSK MAS (M) Bhd spending eight years in Business Development and shared outstanding performance in assisting the company and turning it into the multi million dollar revenue earner it is today.

After several years, Hilmi challenged himself and managed to obtain Master in Tourism Management. He always holds the principle of learning is forever.

With his experiences and skills, he dared himself to set up his own advertising company and ventured into something he is always passionate about - "communications". He secured a contract with the Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNB) for their Franchise Scheme Programme in 2006, which was one of his milestones. He has the capability of sensing the subtlety of the market and seeing all challenges as opportunities.

Hilmy diversified the business further while minimizing his competitors through his astute ability to secure business. Always portraying positive elements and vibes, attitude, skill, and knowledge, especially in public relations, he has gained many friends along the way as he always believes that it is through friends that opportunity lies. The bond of friendship is always in his vocabulary, and by strengthening this bond; he makes marketing challenges a bit easier to deal with.

Mas Azianna Abdul Razak

Chief Operating Officer

After graduating from UITM with Diploma in Accountancy, Mas Azianna Abdul Razak started her career with office Equipment and Communications Sdn Bhd in 2001, where she was given responsibility in the Human Resources and Accounts Department.

Later in 2002, during her tenure with Perunding Pakar Media Sdn Bhd, she earned the trust of the management giving her full responsibility from managing the company’s accounts and administration to taking care of its public relations. She also manages clients and media planning, besides acting as a spokesperson for the company.

Confident in the tourism and hospitality industry’s bright future, she has taken a step further and managed to obtain UITM’s Master’s Degree in Tourism Management. It helps her to prepare herself towards augmenting managerial competencies, analytical, organizational skills and the ability to anticipate, decide and solving matters in related situations in her professional fields.

In her work, she is always passionate about applying the best in everything she does and enjoys every moment of it. She thinks big, do big, aim high and always see the bright side in all situations. She is always focused not on the problems itself but more on the possibilities that will bring more opportunities.


AD Interact International Sdn Bhd is no ordinary media & production company. In fact, we consider ourselves to be extraordinary. We’re passionate in the work that we do and our clients are given the utmost priority as we offer well-priced services while giving our clients great benefits and smart investments. Through careful research, planning and smart buying, we give our clients, our best interest.


We operate closely together with our clients in promoting advertising and promotion campaigns all over the country and also across the region in order to ensure an effective and well-executed campaign be carried out. Our services are also backed strongly with thorough research, up-to-date equipments and systems.

We specialize in:

  • Media
  • Printing
  • Branding
  • PR Exercise
  • Events
  • Outdoor
  • Production
  • Below the line